Light Organ

A collaboration with friends, this project took a century old organ and fitted it with lights and control switches. Initially I just helped move the organ, but then worked on wring it for its first revision, and became more and more involved with each revision.

Revision 1

The first revision was a piece for the 2018 Hand Eye Society Ball, where it was used as an input for keeping score of a meta-game played at the event. It also included an LED sign to display teams and scores.

Revision 2

In its second outing, the organ was shown in the Light Up the Square 2018 by the City of Mississauga. The code was reworked to be a simple and pleasant interactive light installation.

Revision 3

In its new home, the Light Organ was completely overhauled, and every key was wired up to create a full spectrum of lighting effects from the keyboard.

Revision 3.1

The code was modified to send MIDI messages along with each keypress, and a rPi backend was constructed to play the notes. These changes have not yet be implemented in the current installation.

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