Obscure Lab Gear: Edwards ES200, Oil Replacement

Right now this is just a post to dump information others might find interesting, but mostly to keep my notes somewhere.

I've had an Edwards ES200 rotary vane pump to work with for the past few months, and I believe the oil is a bit old/contaminated/something where it should be replaced. So I set out finding a suitable oil to use with it, while also trying to source it in Canada, the latter of which makes it a bit more complicated. Here's what I've found.

Step one: What did it use originally?

Well, any kind of Edwards manual is hard to dig up, there is an ES & ED Series Maintenance Manual however. In the manual it mentions Edwards No.16 oil! Searching online for this oil brings up some documents.

The standard versions use mineral oil, such as Edwards No. 16

It is mineral oil Per this PDF for Edwards EH mechanical booster manual.

Edwards 16 oil (A hydrogen oil without special additives)

per "Vacuum Manual" on Google books As well, we get a new search term "Edwards 16" omitting the "No.".

Ultragrade 20 EH boosters [replaces] Edwards 16 and 18

per This PDF of Edwards oils from Idealvac

Official Replacements (Edwards)

As mentioned above ULTRAGRADE 20 seems to be the "official" replacement for Edwards No. 16. Here is an official listing. Here we can get Technical Data (1 liter) to use in steps below. I will reproduce the table here:

Vapor pressure mbar:
20°C 2.1 x 10-7
100°C 3.0 x 10-3
Molecular weight: 500
Specific gravity at 15°C: 0.86
Viscosity cSt:
at 20°C: 352
at 40°C: 103
Pour point °C: -12
Flash point °C: 260
Auto ignition point °C: 365
Sulphur content % mass/mass: 0

Possible resellers in Canada: Linde/messer

Finding and Comparing Replacements


Being in Canada, Amazon is a solid choice for finding things such as high-vacuum oil (Apparently...). Now we have to compare data between oils. Black Gold for example we would look at the SDS The viscosity being 21 [email protected]°C seems too low. Similar to Robinair at 27.1 [email protected]°C

Other oil sellers in Canada

Intlvac LEYBONOL LVO100 Viscosity at 40°C (104°F): 95 mm^2/s per Its technical document

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